A Man's Wealth Studio 1 of 7 (12)

These paintings celebrate the landscape and the personalities I came to know during time spent working, living and travelling in Lesotho, Tanzania and Kenya.


  ron small: 8 tries Studio 2 of 7 (11)

Rhythm Stories


  Illustration from Studio 3 of 7 (8)
A selection of illustrations that were published in the books "It's Elementary: Investigating the Chemical World" and "Tales of a Silly Goose and Other Stories" (Pacific Educational Press of UBC).

Included in this studio are illustrations used in the "Mwanza Rural Health and Water Care Project" (Tanzania) as teaching aids for illiterate students.

  The Rosebud and the Old Blue Spruce Studio 4 of 7 (5)
  P'ti Coat Blanc  detail Studio 5 of 7 (2)
"P'Ti Coat Blanc" is the name of a story I wrote and illustrated of my mother's upbringing in the tiny but lively Gaspesian fishing village of Perce during the years of the Great Depression. I am grateful to the Canada Council of the Arts for financial assistance during the research for this work of historical fiction.
  Almira's House Studio 6 of 7 (2)
These paintings were privately commissioned of homes and gardens here in Vancouver. I always welcome such a commission as I love doing them. The drawing is done plein aire (on site) with photos taken to complete the painting in the studio.
  Detail: Red Dawn, Blue Dusk Studio 7 of 7 (3)
Public Art Collaboration with sculptor Michael Asti Rose to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Pine Free Clinic. This site specific piece is a permanent installation on W.4th Avenue between Maple and Cypress Streets in Vancouver.

I was delighted to paint Asti Rose's opulent carving. For my palette I pay homage to the Indo Canadian community that was then centered around North America's first Sikh temple, or gurdwara. It was situated around the corner from the Pine Free Clinic and its community greatly influenced the aesthetic and cuisine of West 4th in those early years.